Kiwi Syllabub

kiwi_syllabubFor some reason I don’t quite know (I do know; I eat too much!) I’ve given up cakes for Lent. And biscuits. And chocolate. And alcohol. I have given myself a caveat though; if I’m recipe testing, I’m allowed to eat a cake I’ve made. Phew!

My sweet tooth has rather taken over of late and I’m already struggling to get through the day without anything. I’m very much a boredom eater and I’m trying to retrain myself to eat fruit, yoghurt or nuts rather than reach for the biscuit tin. I’m doing OK, but it’s puddings I’m now missing. That ‘something nice’ to finish a meal.

I’m thinking of ways to get round this by trying to define what a pudding is. I’ve so far had a baked apple, filled with mincemeat. I don’t view this as a cake. I’m going to get myself a pineapple the next time I do a shop and sauté it as that doesn’t seem to be a cake. And yesterday? I made myself a kiwi syllabub. I have lots of kiwi fruit (the retraining isn’t always successful!) and rather than use cream, I’ve used Greek yoghurt, so I’m not breaking any rules.

Over the next 5 weeks, I have rice pudding to look forward to (made by me!), stewed fruit, compotes, roasted rhubarb, the odd jelly (juice and gelatine can’t be cake, surely?!), and anything that takes my fancy, but is predominantly fruit.

And as for the kiwi syllabub? Yum. To finish it off, it would be great served with a nice shortbread biscuit, but I put that idea right out of my head! If you fancy trying it, here’s how:

Kiwi Syllabub

2 kiwi fruit

1 tbsp caster sugar

squeeze lemon juice

3 tbsp Greek yoghurt


Peel the kiwi fruit and blitz in a blender. Add the sugar and stir well. Add the yoghurt and lemon juice. Stir well, place into your serving dish of choice and refrigerate until you’re ready to eat.

That’s it! It’s that simple! And the above is for one. Just increase quantities for more.


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