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Mad Hatters

Hello! Plenty has happened since I last blogged. I have gone to exciting places, met fabulous people and even squeezed in some baking! Highlights include a ‘Dark and Stormy Night’ with Gosling’s Rum, where I met the lovely Mr Gosling himself  and sampled some of his fabulous rum (which I also turned into a chocolate and rum truffle torte); the IFE at Excel, where I met too many wonderful people to name, but I did get pulled into a photo shoot with the splendidly attired ladies from Mad Hatters Tea (; I put my baking hat on and created a cake for a 50th birthday and I’ve been trying out recipes for my new dessert range.

It seems to be all go at Cake Towers at the moment! I’m working on a cake for a very special 6 year old and the brief included ‘lots of sparkle’. You’ve probably seen lots of cakes on TV recently covered in ‘edible’ glitter. The problem with most of this glitter is that it’s actually not edible! It is non toxic and it won’t make you ill, but it isn’t something which I would want to eat and I hold my head in my hands every time I see someone on TV extolling its virtues, or when I see it on cupcakes in fairs and markets.

There are some nice dust colours on the market which give a sheen, or which are lustre dusts and you can also buy lustre sprays, which are edible and which you spray on your cake or decorations, but I do appreciate that this doesn’t have the ‘wow’ and ‘sparkly’ effect that glitters have.

My solutions for ‘lots of sparkle’ were to write ‘Happy birthday’ in FMM’s Funky letters, cover these with pink glitter and stick these on the cake board (but not on the cake itself) and to make a starburst of blossoms and hearts and cover these with glitter. As there are wires in the starburst, it can’t be eaten, so I can use glitter there, but if you’re going down the starburst route, please make sure you use a posy pick and don’t stick wires straight into any cake. For the rest of the cake, I’m using a selection of lustre dusts so it will sparkle, but only subtly. The mother of the birthday girl understands, I just hope the birthday girl does herself!

Back to life at Cake Towers – website updates need to be written, more desserts need to be tested, photographs need to be taken and in the next couple of weeks I’m linking up with BEAR Nibbles ( and I’m taking part in Cupcakes for Japan, and more information can be found here:

Life is all go right now, spring is on the way and there is always cake to be made and eaten!