Monthly Archives: October 2011

Happy Anniversary

I had an idea of a blog I was going to write. I wrote it, actually, but never quite got round to posting it. I’m sure I will, as it was about my day at the WI’s Cookery School and the valuable lesson learned that I shouldn’t be let loose near sharp knives!

I decided that I’d write about me though, rather than something I’ve done! 26 November is the 2nd anniversary of Claire’s Handmade Cakes. I feel really proud to be going strong. I suspect the reason I am still going is that I still hold down a full-time job! It’s incredibly hard to go to work, 9-5, Monday to Friday and then to come home in the evenings and bake or sit at my laptop and do admin. Life can be rather lonely, which considering I’m at work all day seems rather an odd thing to write!

The lessons I’ve learned over the last 2 years are to trust my instincts, it’s OK to say no and it’s not possible (nor wise!) to do everything yourself. I still can’t let go, I beat myself up all of the time that I should be doing something I’m not and I’m always striving to do better.

I thought recently, if I knew 2 years ago what I know now, what I still have done this. Frequently I think no. It has been exhausting, I’ve made myself ill, I have given up my social life and financially it has been a struggle. On the other hand, I look at everything I’ve achieved. For starters, I have an excuse to always bake and always have ingredients in my cupboard, ‘just in case’. I’ve made some cakes which I’m incredibly proud of – there was a wedding cake in Dublin for some friends, cake(s) to celebrate 1st birthday and I was a finalist in the summer for the National Cupcake Championships and that’s despite not being the biggest fan of the little beauties!

I’ve also met some amazing people who otherwise I would be blissfully unaware of. Yes, it’s incredibly hard work, yes, it will be a while before I’m able to give up the day job and be able to dedicate my life to cake, but it has been so rewarding and I’ve had an amazing time. I can’t wait to see what the next year has in store!