Be careful who you buy from…

I feel like I’m going to be bombarding you with posts this week – I’m either silent or the chattiest person around! I just heard a heartbreaking story which I wanted to share, although my blog at the weekend will still go ahead.

Back to this very sad story. Someone bought a cake from a lady who just had a facebook page, which was full of very good images. It turns out that this lady had copied the images from another (and reputable) cake maker.  The customer was unaware of this however, and ordered a cake for his daughter’s christening.

When he had collected the cake, he was very disappointed. It looked nothing like the picture.On further investigation, he tracked down the original cake maker, but as she lived in another part of the country, was unable to help him and although she offered to find him someone she trusted to make another cake for him (he felt he was unable to share the cake with his family and friends), he declined as he couldn’t afford another cake (he was trying to get the money back from the lady who made the cake), but more importantly, he didn’t trust anyone to make another cake for him.

Like many cake decorators, I watermark all of my cakes. It’s not that I’m particularly precious about what I’ve done, but I don’t want someone else using my work on their website. This can lead to misrepresentation and ultimately, as shown above, disappointment.

So I urge you, if you’re buying a cake, do a little work first. Don’t just accept the cheapest quote. I’d also advise against using someone who just has a facebook site and not a website. I’m not saying that there aren’t very good cake decorators out there who just have facebook sites, but I’m looking out for you. Also, make sure that there is an address for the cake decorator on the website and if possible, a landline phone number too.

I do have a facebook site (which true to me isn’t updated as often as it should be!), but I also have a website, which contains my address and phone number.

If you’re having a cake made, ask some questions. See if the photos are watermarked. See if the style of the cakes is broadly similar as most cake decorators have a style, sometimes without them particularly realising it! Be prepared to spend a bit of money – you are buying a bespoke cake, made just for you, to your exact requirements and desires. If you think a cake sounds too good to be true, in all likelihood it is. There are so many very talented and amazing cake decorators out there, who work really hard and its a shame that their good names are being sullied.

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