Perfect patisserie? Mais non!

It’s been quite a week for me! I’ve made a very exciting announcement – from 1st April, Claire’s Handmade Cakes will be offering a range of desserts, to complement our bespoke cakes. The important thing about these desserts, is that many of them will be seasonal. That means that I won’t be making Fraisiers in December, or rhubarb tarts in October. Cooking in the seasons is very important to me, and I hope people understand why some desserts won’t be around all year.

Of course, some will! There will be the perennial lemon tart, eclairs, profiterols, macarons, pavlovas, creme brulees… So at the moment, I’m finalising recipes, packaging and even squeezing in a website redesign. It’s all go at Cake Towers!

This weekend I thought I’d have a go at macarons and eclairs. You may notice there is only one photo in this week’s blog. That, unfortunately is deliberate! I’ve made macarons twice before, it’s three times now. I have yet to perfect them. I will, however, I am determined like that! I suspect it might take me baking them every day for the next 2 months, but I can do that!

The coffee eclairs were much more successful! I first made choux pastry in a home economics class when I was 16. I could make whatever I wanted, so I had a go at profiterols. They were very tasty! I’ve made eclairs a few times since, so I figured I’d be safe with them.

Ingredients are very important, but so too is presentation. It turns out to make the perfect eclairs, a nozzle measuring 1cm wide is recommended. Regretably, I don’t have one of those (I don’t own every piece of kit going – yet!), so I went with a nozzle which was 1/2 cm wide. As you can see from the picture, they look nice, but they’re not pretty. The filling (coffee creme patisserie) was very tasty and once I get myself a new nozzle, I’ll be making them again and they will be pretty. They’ll be very pretty.

And as for this weekend? Creme brulees are calling me. I can’t wait!

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