Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! I hope you had a fab Christmas, received lots of exciting pressies and ate far too much! I think I can tick all those boxes! I decided to use Christmas as a time to reflect on my achievements last year and to look forward to this year, so I committed my 2011 goals to paper. (Incidentally, I never make resolutions, but I do set goals for the year. Some are wildly optimistic – I want to conquer the Monroes, read War and Peace in Russian and finish decorating my flat – and some are much more realistic, like reading a book a month, royal icing a cake and trying out new recipes.) This list (which comprises 31 items!) is now stuck to my fridge and I will look at it from time to time, to make sure I don’t drift!

My goals also include my use of social media and PR to build my profile. I have a website, a blog, I’m on Facebook and Twitter. Towards the end of last year all of these were neglected for one reason or another and it’s time that stopped. Right now!

I had intended to review the year, which I have done, but as we’re already 2 weeks into the new one, I’m going to look forward instead. I’ve been thinking of how I want to use the blog and what I want to say. I’ve decided that this gives me an opportunity to show people who I am and what I like, so this will be about my journey. I’m going to start including recipes as well. Obviously, if there are amazing cakes that I make, I will most certainly write about them, but if you’re after cake decorating tips and advice, I recommend checking at ‘Claire’s Corner’ on my website:


This will be updated at least every fortnight (it’s in writing now, so it has to be!) and if I can tie in a project with an event (eg Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Christmas), then I will, otherwise I’ll feature how-tos. The next one (to be published this weekend) will be a marzipan rose and this will be followed by a mask for the Venice Carnival. I have lots of ideas for what I want to feature, but if there are any requests, I will try to my best to grant them.

So I think that’s it for now. Sorry it’s been so long since the last time I was here and I promise I will be back very soon!

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