I’ve been a bit poorly of late, so apologies for not writing much (anything!). I’m back to normal now and raring to go for the rest of the year.

I thought this week I might look at inspiration and how I get ideas for the cakes I come up with.

One of the first things I started when I began to take cake decorating seriously, was my ‘inspiration’ folder. It’s an A4 folder and has dozens of plastic wallets. Every time I read a magazine, or have something put through my door, I look it at carefully and wonder if I can make a cake from what I see.

The folder has sections like ‘floral’, ‘countries’, ‘costumes’, ‘patterns’, ‘wedding cakes’ and I could go on. Basically I look out for something I can adapt. I love the patterns of the Graham & Green lampshades above. The silver and turquoise pattern could be adapted for any cake in any colour. You could continue the pattern yourself and make it really intricate. The bird could be turned into brush embroidery, although it could also be painted. You could also change the colours a little and make a really striking design.

I don’t like to copy other people’s work, be it cakes or patterns, but you can certainly draw inspiration from anywhere. I recently took a beautiful book about Gustav Klimt out from my local library. His work is stunning and I would love to do a cake in the theme of Klimt. Sometimes, customers know exactly what they want when they order a cake, but for those occasions that they don’t, it’s a great idea to let your mind wander and if you have an ‘inspiration’ or ‘ideas’ folder, you’ll have so many ideas, you might not know where to start!


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